[Album] Fireside Favourites
[Album] Incontinent
[Album] Under the Flag
[Album] Gag
[Album] Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing
[Album] Snakes And Ladders
[Album] The Fad Gadget Singles
[Album] Civilian
[Album] Tyranny and the hired Hand
[Album] Grand Union
[Album] Worried Man in Second Hand Suits
[Album] The Best of Fad Gadget
[Album] Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey

[Single] Back to Nature
[Single] Ricky's Hand
[Single] Fireside Favourite
[Single] Make Room
[Single] Saturday Night Special
[Single] King of the Flies
[Single] Life on the Line
[Single] For whom the Bells toll
[Single] I discover Love
[Single] Collapsing new People
[Single] One Man's Meat
[Single] Luxury
[Single] Luddite Joe
[Single] Bridge St. Shuffle
[Single] Sam Hall
[Single] The Liberty Tree
[Single] All that is mine
[Single] Fireside Favourites
[Single] Collapsing new People