You won´t get that from me

There's a sign on the door saying
No fools allowed
But I just knocked and grinned
You looked through the spy hole
And opened your mouth
And I put my foot right in
I was scared to tread on
Your white fitted carpet
It made me feel unclean
And the food that you wasted
on my behalf
Well that was quite obscene

You point at the sky
when you can't even see your finger
And that's alright by me
But you want me to want
What you have got
And you won't get that from me

Oh your pedestales, statues
and chandeliers
And the gold that you flaunt around
You can't eat it, your can't drink it
Doesn't keep you warm at night
And when you hit it
it doesn't even make a sound
Your art collection it must of
cost a mint
But you don't get it at all
You should've taken all the notes
straight from the bank
And just pasted them
up on your wall

Well if you're so happy
And you're so secure
Why don't you let me be?
But you want me to want
What you have got
And you won't get that from me

There's no denying you are a winner
But in this race I cannot compete
It's the studs you have to wear
To get up that twisted stair
And I don't like getting blood
on my feet
But maybe one day i'll meet you
on the road
And we can share a joke
You can tell me how you gave away
everything you had
And now you're completely broke

Well i'll tip my hat
And wish you good luck
And leave you in the lap of luxury
But if you want me to want what
you have got
Then you won't get that from me