When the Victim takes the Tyrant´s place

to pretend to understand
what you've been through
would be a lie
and i could not lie to you
vengeance is no good reason
to want to win
it ties you up
and burns away within
and i fear i see no shame upon your face
as the victim takes the tyrant's place

now you've come up in the world
where once you walked at heel
but then you were the underdog
so you should know how it feels
and there's no accounting
for some people's taste
there's always someone
who'll take the tyrant's place

you've slipped the noose
from around your neck
but you've stepped into the executioner's shoes
and i hear you say ah what the heck
do unto others as they do unto you
and if s so sad
watching you fall from grace
now the victim has taken the tyrant's place

you sneer at me that anyone would do it
you gotta grab what you can
don't include me in your scheme of things
I'm not that kind of man
and there's no pretending
that it's not a waste
when the victim takes the tyrant's place.