The Liberty Tree

i don't want to go to the market square
but i admit that once i travelled there
and i gave in to temptation too
when i left i had no shirt to wear
they try to sell you things you already own
tell you that this place is not your home
then charge you for the rain and sunshine too
and poison everything that you have grown

but there goes the king of labourers
his load is heavy still
and he'll carry his burden
like a good man can
to the foot of liberty hill
at the root of the liberty tree
i might see you there at the dawning
but please don't you wait for me

i talked to thieves but did they ever listen?
they had ears but there was something missing
you take to using sign-language too
tell them that some gold just doesn't glisten
well you've played the performing monkey
much too long
and you know
the organ-grinder's tunes are wrong
you pretend to have some kinda control
but you'll be out on the street before too long

but there goes the queen of labourers
sweeping back the sea
and she'll carry her load like a good woman can
to the root of the liberty tree
at the foot of liberty hill
i'll meet you there at the dawning
if you're waiting still

well sometimes you think
you've learnt how to swim
but just look at this crazy
swamp you're in
and your fame excuses are all wearing thin
just who are you kidding now? oh!
they tie you up and put you in a cage
and wonder why you should be in a rage
then feed you on scraps
comes off their taxes too
and say you've gotta
keep up with the age

but there goes the child of labourers
through the valley of the kings
and demanding the birthright
like all children should
at the source of the liberty spring
by the root of the liberty tree
i'll meet you there in the dawning
if you'd wait for me
and i do hope you wait - for me