The great Attractor

i once felt confined by domesticity
always something 'round the next corner
i headed so far west that i came to the east
and landed back on your doorstep

the journey was a hard one
i lost count of the fights
and the friendships i had pursued
i can't claim to have had you
continually in my sights
i was always afraid of tunnel vision

so pack your bags oh paradise seekers
it´s the silence that you fear
what makes you think
you'll find anything else
if you can't find it here

i kicked off my boots by a watering hole
and there i spied a fellow traveller
i asked him
"please sir, which way should i go?"
he said
"you've already been and gone there."

at this point i climbed up
on the back of my horse
and i whispered into it's ear
i dangled a carrot to set the course
and before too long we wound up here

so turn away all you attention seekers
i can't take it any more
you cannot tempt nor entice me
'cos i've seen it all before

i once felt restricted by simplicity
there was always something else to be found
so i travelled the world but returned to thee
and found paradise on your doorstep