Only doing your Job

One hand held the hammer
And one hand held the nail
Flesh and wood were impaled
Four hands held two hands
And two hands restrained two feet
Oh no, another day's work complete

Don't bat an eyelid
Don't ever turn away
i wanna hear it all now
you've gotta stay
Well I've heard some feeble excuses before
But that one just about beats them all
When you said you were
only doing your job

The tinder box is opened
The steel and flint are struck
Two hands fan the flames of bad luck
The spark became a flame
And the flame became a blaze
Oh no, it's dirty work that pays

Three men built the scaffold
And one man tied the knot
One man opened the trap door
And that's the lot

Five men pulled a trigger
Five men aimed a gun
Oh no another day's work is done

One man wired the room
Another man built the chair
One man opened a book
And said a prayer

A million eyes never saw a thing
A million ears never heard a sound
Oh no Another one in the ground