One November Morning

one november morning as i awoke
the tide had turned and the waters had broke
my pregnant wife told me the news
she said "love, it's time you'd better put on your shoes"

later on i collected my daughter from school
on our way home we came across some fools
who were kicking and punching and ready to annoy
a helpless and most frightened boy

i stopped and wondered should i intervene
but i was already part of the scene
by witnessing the act had i stopped the goad?
and the two ugly thugs came across the road

they swore and threatened
but my daughter didn't cry
and i stood my ground
and looked them in the eye
one of them turned and held up a brick
it was then i knew these blokes were sick

in his hand that creep held my life
the future of my daughter and my pregnant wife
for my little girl's sake i could not fight
even though i knew i was in the right

that coward must've seen
the anger in my eyes
that idiot stood for everything i despise
i dared him to do what he wanted to do
but he knew he'd bitten off
more than he could chew

at that point they snarled
and ran across the street
without a punch thrown
they knew they were beat
they kicked the boy once
then left him alone
then a voice cried
"daddy, please take me home"

as we walked away
i'd lost track of the time
but i saw a police officer
run to the scene of the crime
i felt guilty had i taken the right action?
to involve my daughter
while my wife timed contractions

my son was born on the 26th of november
of course that's a day i'll always remember
all night my wife struggled with her pain
and at half past four we gave him his name
oh son, this world can be a violent place
and you must make sure you look it in the face
to fight fire with fire is foolish that's true
but don't let anyone walk over you