Doing Time

The sailor turned to alcohol
When he left the raging sea
The parachutist played the turf
When he lost his wings
And the featherweight boxer
Won his last trophy
I hope he doesn't turn to crime
But when he asked me what I do
I said I'm only doing time
The old woman's seen her family go
But she still works the sewing machine
The housewife's eternal battle with dirt
Keeping other people's houses clean
The young mother with another on the way
Says she's doing fine
But when she enquires about my life
I say I'm only doing time

My wife goes out to work every day
Unemployed I stay at home
Our children have all done well at school
And oh my how they have grown
One day one asked me what I do
While making up a rhyme
And I had to turn around
and explain to them
Why I'm doing time
I've heard it often said to me
You gotta suffer for your art
By people who have well-paid jobs
i don't see them living that part
And you'll never know
what I have suffered
Here in this cell of mine
Masterpieces I've created none
But i´m still doing time

Your thoughts are your
only source of joy
And your only source of pain
Outside the sun is beating down
In here it's started to rain
Here comes the hungry parasite
Devouring his own mind
Your corrosive thoughts chase you
round the room
When you're doing time

The prisoner sits in a crowded cell
And dwells upon his deeds
Good or bad in changing them
He never will succeed
Some say they should bring back
capital punishment
For such serious crimes
I think many people
would prefer to hang
Than waste away doing time

I know this isn't Wormwood Scrubs
Nor is it Holloway
But since my job's been
given the rub
It might as well be that way
At the age of fifty-five what
chance is there
For me to tow the line?
Too old to work, too young to retire
I'm just doing time

And though I've only lived my life
Watching the rise and fall of the sun
At least I can say I spent my time
Not exploiting anyone
And when I'm waiting in Purgatory
For St. Peter to give the sign
It doesn't matter if it's Heaven or Hell
I'll spend eternity doing time