Crows Nest Blues

Well I was standing
at the crossroads
when I heard a siren
Calling to me
I covered my ears
And sang out of key
And prayed that that music
would just let me be

But i was helpless
Like a seventh son
I couldn't resist you
Cos you are the one

You made me forget my naive ways
You showed me that crime's not
The only thing that pays
You kept me awake for 19 days
Dressed like a pantomime horse
You put me out to graze

Then a nagging feeling
Came over me
Of déja vu
Of déja vu
I was a sailor
On the Aegean sea
You we're a goddess
Watching over me
i was a warrior
Not looking for peace
But you sent me sideways
To find a golden fleece

You made me forget my Cretan myth
You knocked the wind out of my sails
and didn't even offer a lift
You reduced my anger to just
another lovers tiff
I know i wasn't the first
but i don't think i was the fifth

You've got one foot in Africa
One foot in Spain
Got to get back to England
To get out of the rain
And I can see right through you
You're Colossus's daughter
But it seems I'm stuck here
in the Straits of Gibraltar
Cupid gave me this arrow
But if i only had a gun
A love bullet might reach you
cos you are the one

i'm tied to the mizzen sail
but i think you know
The cabin boy couldn't tie a sheep
shank so he tied a bow
And if i wriggle enough
the crows nest might let me go
And the admiral's got no rollocks
And he doesn't know how to row
So now I'm standing
At the crossroads
And I hear a siren
Calling to me
i uncover my ears
And join in the song
And pray that that music
just goes on and on
I know I'm helpless
Like our only son
We named him Oedipus
Cos you are the one