Bad Day in Bow Creek

well, i was drifting downstream
without a paddle
and my boat had sprung a leak
i was bailing out with my bare hands
down in crooked bow creek
it was then i realised my situation
wasn't unique
i saw a million people just like me
with mouths that could only speak
looking for my puncture repair-kit
bad day in bow creek

and all the idealists looking for solutions
there were none left to seek
'cos all their solutions seemed final ones
down in bow creek
i saw the ruling class in hunting gear
saddling up the meek
me with the bit between my teeth
but no shoes and no technique
there were no dead animals on my feet
bad day in bow creek

and all the tv presenters with their
snow-capped teeth were growing
pelican beaks
but their donkeys-ears couldn't hear
the screams
coming from tortured bow creek
there were politicians calling for
a clean up on the streets
while poisoning the rivers
up to their peaks
and here the river makes
good paint stripper
bad day in bow creek

here comes the chief of police
with the arm of the law
'round a closet made of teak
inside he keeps the bones he found
down in muddy bow creek
oh he comes 'round once in a while
to arrest a pervert or a freak
but nobody knows how he got those
scars upon his cheek
in canning town you
don't ask questions
bad day in bow creek

some were sinking
some were swimming
some were just standing on the weak
it didn't matter if you had talent
or gargantuan physique
i saw one man going down
clutching an old antique
while his family drowned
i can still hear the sound
of that cold and deathly shriek
now i've really gotta get out of here
bad day in bow creek

by this time i admit
i'd developed a cowardly streak
but i'd had just about enough
of that hungry carnivore bow creek
i had to get out of that place
'cos my future was looking bleak
when the shit hit the fan
i developed a tan
and my clothes began to reek
i sailed out on a floating coffin
bad day in bow creek
bad day
bad day
goodbye bad bow creek