All that is mine

Something I've been longing for
Just walked through that garden door
All too much for me to perceive
I've met you before i do believe

Now i know there's been a change
But it doesn't feel weird
isn't that strange?
I'd give it all up
I'd give it all up
All that is mine is yours too
Do what you want
Do what you want
All that is mine is yours too

On a honeysuckle breeze
You came to me
Through French windows
came Eurydice
Your hair all a tangle with
autumn leaves
A stiff sentence always comes
to lovers and thieves

Now that hairdo with the snakes
i'm not that sure about
But your seven-headed friends
Well them i could do without
Seems that monster in the labyrinth
is some relation of yours
But baby I'm just back from the
Trojan wars